Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spa Wraps

So time got away again, not quite as long this time but still, my intention is to write a blog a week at least.  Some day maybe that will happen.  Right now I'm thrilled I remembered only a month after my last one blog.  I am so excited that in the past month my business has taken off, through a couple of products, here is a feature of one of them and how I came up with the idea. 

Being the beginning of May (almost) and so many upcoming weddings and graduations I have had a huge increase in sales of my bath towels or spa wraps.  Currently I have 3 orders of at least 5 towels (one is 7) each and waiting to see about an order for 15 to 20 that I'm praying will come through soon (please pray too).                                                                                                I never would have thought last year in Gulf Shores when I was inspired to make them after seeing them in multiple stores that they would be so popular.  I don't even remember what the ones in the store look like any more, can't wait to go back this summer to see them again.   When I am inspired by a product I of course love to change it and make it more personalized for a customer but without an embroidery machine I'm very limited.  But I am very skilled in applique and satin stitch so I decided to add a circle of fabric and an initial in the center, which I have been adding to a lot of other products.  I have been making a lot of children sizes along with adult ones, and even my boys are waiting me to design towels for them too.  I finally got Harrison's made today, he was very excited to have his towel that he "LOVES"  Poor kid looks so cold in this picture.   Customers ask all the time for changes in items which I love, especially when they come out as cute as this pink towel with the Ella fabric, even the lower case "e" was a customer request.  I can't wait to make some with ruffles down the front!!  I am going to make one for me along with a matching beach bag with ruffles before we go to the beach this year!