Sunday, March 25, 2012

Heaven Moments

So obviously I'm not a blogger.  I've been so busy trying to keep up with everything else, work, kids, business, etc.  But I am willing to give it a try again, hopefully it won't be a year between this time.  :)

The other night I couldn't sleep thinking about what I wanted to blog about, I even thought about getting up to write it that night but 4:30 comes way too soon.  And in the past week I sort of lost this thought but hopefully writing about it will help me remember through out the day.  While watching the last Desperate Housewives episode last Sunday a family was at a diner and the child was asking questions about what heaven was like.  His dad gave the answer that heaven is like sitting here eatting a great burger with the people you love or the perfect fishing hole.  I started thinking about "my heaven" and its when I'm sewing.  Even when everything is going wrong with my machine or nothing is going the way I want it to, it is still my heaven.   

As I thought about it I was irritated with myself for not thinking of spending time with my kids or husband as my heaven.  Don't judge, I'm getting to my point.  So I went to bed with this guilt and feeling horrible about myself but not seeing spending time with them as my heaven.  I mean I love them so very much but its crazy with 4 boys, fighting, arguing and their messiness.  The next morning my awesome husband kept our 6 year old to bring to school later, which means my 2 year old and I stop for coffee (hot chocolate for him).   Like always hes yelling "Coffee!!" the instant I turn into the parking lot.  Once inside we were waiting for the barista to make our coffee he scurried up a stool to get a better view saying "She make my coffee".  In that moment I realized "my heaven" doesn't have to be the whole day with my family or even a hour, but one single moment and its realizing that those moments are just that.  Another one happened once we were in the van headed to school when he started singing a line to song in his cute little voice.  So even through my crazy life of being a full time mom, working full time, and having multiple businesses I need to find all those "heaven moments" and cherish them or I think I might go crazy.  :)