Sunday, April 10, 2011

Another Day of No Sewing

So my fil came down today to see if he could sodder my foot pedal back together.  No such luck, after an hour of checking every connection he came to the conclusion that it is something internal.  FABULOUS!!  Back to Select Sewing I go to spend yet another $200 to get my machine fixed.  If only I had a money tree where I would be able to get a whole new way better machine that also did embordery, and I could put cute little names on all my outfits.  Sadly I don't have a money tree.  But I do have a wonderful husband who is going to drive to Muncie to yet again borrow his mother's machine so I can get my orders done.  On top of that he is so wonderful he is taking 2 of the children with him while the other one is sleeping and the big one who needs an attitude adjustment, but the question is what do I do without a sewing machine for the 2+ hours they are gone.  I think I might have a panic attack.  Its crazy you would think I would like the day to just sit around and do nothing...mother of 4, works full time and yet every spare minute I have I want to be sewing.  So even though I wonder if God wants me to be doing this or not every time something goes wrong or I don't have any sales, I'm not complete unless I'm sewing.  I'm not me. 

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