Saturday, April 9, 2011

No sewing tonight!! :(

So tonight I had two skirts and two dresses cut out and ready to sew.  Got the machine threaded, fabric sitting under the presser foot, pressure foot down, push the pedal with my foot and NOTHING!!!  One of my biggest frustrations is my machine not working (it is my first baby), especially when I have a stack of orders ready to be sewn.  Now mind you my machine completely broke in October and took 3-4 weeks to be fixed and cost at least $200.  It broke in the same place maybe a month ago and took at least 2 weeks to be fixed but luckly still under warrenty.  My hubby came running to my yells of frustration and spent the next two hours searching the internet for a solution, only to 1) become annoyed with not being able to open the thing and 2) realizing there aren't many sewing machine repair stores.  Finally he finds screws hidden with plastic nobs and opens it to find (much to our relief) a small part had come unsoddered.  Now at 11:45 my sewing night was completely unproductive but not a $200 repair just a purchase of a sodder iron or make a trip to Muncie to have my fil fix it.  Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive and I will have all my orders sewn and ready to be mailed out on Monday. 
Yep see that tiny wire sticking up, stupid wire caused all my problems tonight!  Yay it will be fixed tomorrow and I can sew again!!

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