Monday, April 11, 2011


I love Select Sewing!!!  Loaded all 4 boys up and headed on the dreaded journey of taking my sewing machine to get fixed or see if it was even worth fixing again.  Planned ahead this time and made sure all the big boys had their DSs so their courious little fingers didn't get them into trouble with all the cool sewing machine buttons that I'm dying to play with too.  Walked in and got the usual "Wow four boys, you must be busy." of course I ignored it more concerned about my machine and walking into a store with my four boys is just natural by now along with hearing those comments.  I explained the problem with my machine and that it was the third time I had been in since October.  He pluged it in and immediately said that it was a fuse in the mother board because none of the lights came on....really?  I never even noticed that they were out, the main light came on, I guess I really don't look at that side of my machine that much.  After pulling out my old ticket and reading what the past problems were he says that he should have replaced that part the last time and will do it for free if its the fuse and was pretty certian that it is!!!  WHOO HOO!!! AND it would be done in a couple of DAYS!!  Not weeks days!  I'm so excited.  Off to finally eat dinner, kids to bed and SEW!!!            

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